New Features for Facebook Advertisers: Nov 2017

Dynamic Language Optimization

The first one I got to know about is the Dynamic Language Optimization, so what it does is it shows a single campaign in multiple languages. Earlier we needed to edit all the campaigns after publishing or we had to create different campaigns if our audience read different languages, but now Facebook is offering this Dynamic Language Optimization feature, wherein Facebook will automatically show different versions according to each audience member’s preferred language, as set in their Facebook profiles.

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Multi-Country Lookalike Audiences

Another feature that Facebook has launched is Multi-Country Lookalike Audiences. Now you can create Lookalike Audiences (aka LAL) in multiple countries or regions – If you know who your best customers are now, Facebook helps you find similar audiences domestically, in another country or even internationally. Earlier, you needed to create one Lookalike per each country.  Now you can use Multi-Country Lookalike Audiences to reach worldwide audience be it in different countries or regions. You can set source countries, which Facebook systems will use to provide the best possible audience to you for all countries/regions.

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Cross-Border Insights Finder

International Audience Finder (aka Cross-Border Insights Finder) – This feature lets you compare country insights from Facebook’s campaign data to explore new growth opportunities around the world.  Advertisers just need to select the primary country they advertise in currently, their industry and their campaign objective (conversions or traffic or app installs or video views) and then click on “Find Opportunities”. Facebook shows you a list of countries that are selected based on highest reach, highest conversion index, lowest cost index and lowest competition index. Facebook recommends that you target a region rather than individual countries for better performance. When you target by region, you can reach entire continents or trade groups. Your ads will be delivered to all countries in that group and optimized for people most likely to meet your objectives.

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